Class Green Capital Partners provides low-cost, general-purpose funding alternatives to municipal and state governments, not-for-profit entities, and corporations, while improving the energy and operating performance of their owned and leased buildings and infrastructure. The resulting combined cost of capital (i.e., effective interest rate), and budget impact, can be zero or even negative - unlike for conventional bonds, privatizations, or stand-alone energy performance contracts or power purchase agreements. Class Green enables municipalities and other entities to raise capital while investing in their assets rather than selling them.

"[Transactions] must be done smartly and transparently ... Class Green Capital Partners ... helps cities get low-cost capital..." "Enter Class Green Capital Partners... few strategies are as unconventional as Class Green's..." "[Class Green's] creative transaction helped us balance short and long term needs..."
March 2012
The Wall Street Journal
September 9, 2011
Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker
April 25, 2011
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