Formed in 2008, Class Green Capital Partners brings together the experience and expertise of Hirschfeld Ventures, a leader in real estate lease and financial structuring in the single-tenant net lease market, and GO Ventures, formed by the principals of GreenOrder, a sustainability strategy firm that has worked extensively with large real estate investment firms, as well as leading corporations and government agencies on their green initiatives. Class Green's investment approach specifically targets the large-scale acquisition and green retrofit of existing commercial real estate.

In 2009, Class Green turned its primary focus to helping municipalities and states address short term budget and capital needs while building long-term value - with a secondary focus on helping higher education, healthcare and private-sector entities. Class Green is an active member of the Business Council of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, as well as an SEC-Registered municipal advisor. In addition, Dannel Malloy joined Class Green as a Senior Director in December 2009, bringing deep municipal expertise as the former Mayor of Stamford. Dan was elected Governor of Connecticut in November 2010, and has left Class Green to pursue that responsibility.

Founded in 2006, GO Ventures, LLC is an investment firm focused on select opportunities to build robust platforms in clean technology and sustainable business. GO Ventures was founded by the principals of GreenOrder, a management consulting firm that combines world-class business strategy, rigorous scientific analysis, and effective marketing and communications to help some of the world's largest enterprises gear their investments in sustainability toward concrete competitive advantage. GreenOrder assists leading corporations and real estate investors with strategic planning, change management, green real estate, supply chain and operations, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas management. Clients include BP, General Electric, General Motors, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, Silverstein Properties (World Trade Center redevelopment), and Starwood Capital.

Hirschfeld Ventures was founded in September 2007 by John D. Hirschfeld, a veteran real estate investment and finance professional, to provide green capital for existing real estate. Shortly after its formation, Hirschfeld Ventures began working exclusively with GreenOrder to establish a joint company that would most effectively harness their respective skills and contacts. As CEO of Class Green, John brings to bear three decades of transaction and management experience and relationships in global real estate and finance.
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